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Fresh adidas SS24 styles

Tom Wraight

25 March 2024

With the Easter holidays and the Masters just around the corner, it really feels like spring has sprung and the new season of golf is upon us.

There’s an endless list of things it’s best to be prepared for before you venture into them, and that includes a round of golf. We all love a fresh start, and the new clothing collections for this spring will have you primed and ready to take on the busy golfing season. Today, we want to give you a rundown of some of the best styles currently waiting for you in the pro shop.


 adidas Ultimate 365 All-Over Print Polo

This delightful collared polo shirt from adidas has four-way stretch properties build into the fabric to make it incredibly stretchy. When you’re turning through your golf swing you don’t want to encounter any resistance. The Ultimate365 All-Over print polo is available in a stunning navy colour with a lighter shade of blue zig-zagging across the torso.

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adidas Ultimate365 Printed Polo


If you like golf clothing that has intricate detail that makes you want to stop and study it for a while, that’s how you’ll feel when you take in the Ultimate365 Printed Polo. This shirt has a fascinating series of minute vertical and horizontal patterns that intertwine all over the fabric. The three-striped adidas logo sits proudly on the crest in a contrastingly-visible white.

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adidas Crewneck Sweatshirt


You’re going to need something a little warmer for those chilly mornings before the sun’s come up, and we have just the thing. The adidas Crewneck Sweatshirt is light, flexible, and will give you that much-needed extra layer of protection. This piece is available in a subtle navy colour and features a handy crewneck collar that’s ideal for layering with other article of golf clothing, such as polo shirts.

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adidas Ultimate365 Textured Pullover

A solid mid-layer that you’ll be glad you had tucked away in your bag when it starts to rain overhead, the Ultimate365 Textured 1/4 Zip Pullover from adidas will keep you feeling warm, dry, and fresh. This jumper has a quarter-zip on the torso that can be zipped up to the throat, keeping your neck warm should you encounter any sudden chills.

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This is just a taste of all the wonderful adidas gear we have available for you to try on in the pro shop. Naturally, the weather is very changeable where we live, so it’s best to be prepared for the cold and rain if the forecast is suggesting the weather may turn on you. We have a wide variety of golf clothing including shirts, mid-layers, waterproofs and shoes, all ready for you to browse.

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